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SickKids gradually increasing scheduled clinical care activity
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SickKids gradually increasing scheduled clinical care activity


SickKids will advance to the next phase of its restart of scheduled clinical care services impacted by COVID-19.

The restart of scheduled clinical care services is progressing well and SickKids is ready to advance to the next phase as of July 6. 

Since the restart of scheduled clinical care began on June 8, we have closely monitored our ability to work safely while maintaining our stocks of personal protective equipment, testing protocols and appropriate physical distancing where possible. 

Gradually increasing clinical activity

Moving to the next phase of the restart plan means a gradual increase of scheduled clinical care, including elective surgeries, diagnostic procedures and other clinical appointments, by about 10 per cent. To put this in perspective, for the Department of Surgery that’s equal to adding two more operating rooms for a total of 12 each day out of our maximum of 16. The restart will continue to be gradual, with the safety of our patients, families and staff always being the top priority. 

Infographic that shows that out of six incremental phases, the hospital is at 75% increased schedule care capacity as of July 6. Two more phases will result in 100% full ambulatory and operative care. Dates for these three phases are still to be determined.
An infographic that shows that as of July 6, SickKids is at 75% increased schedule care capacity.

We will contact patients and families when we are able to reschedule a previously cancelled surgery, procedure or appointment. It is not necessary to contact the hospital at this time. Please see clinical restart frequently asked questions for additional information. 

Note that traffic/construction around SickKids and screening measures at SickKids can lead to delays. If you need to come to the hospital please plan ahead. 

It will take time to get back on track and there is no predetermined timeframe for moving from one phase to the next. At the same time, SickKids must always be prepared to reduce activity if necessary and the possibility of having to step back to a prior phase. 

SickKids will continue to monitor COVID-19 cases, be guided by Ontario Health in the community and adjust the plan accordingly. Learn more about the latest updates related to COVID-19 on our COVID-19 Information Hub.

Restart plan by phase: 

  • Phase 1 - 35% - Urgent care only 
  • Phase 2 - 50% - Expanded urgent care 
  • Phase 3 - 65% - Restart limited scheduled care 
  • Phase 4 - 75% - Gradually increase scheduled care – As of July 6 
  • Phase 5 - 85% - Most scheduled care available   
  • Phase 6 - 100% - Full ambulatory and operative care 
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