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Research Institute Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Collaboration and diversity are two essential components driving research excellence at SickKids today. We believe that an equitable and inclusive culture empowers our scientists and staff to freely explore and express their ideas without fear, which has consistently led to new ideas and innovations.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at SickKids outlines our initiatives and interventions towards creating a diverse research environment. The RI EDI office ensures everyone feels valued and recognized through: 

  • Promoting diversity awareness and knowledge 
  • Strengthening employee engagement 
  • Identifying and executing activities that support equity, diversity and inclusion 
  • Reducing systemic biases and barriers preventing inclusive workplaces 
  • Enabling the recruitment and retention of a highly skilled and diverse workforce 
  • Aligning the EDI Action Plan with Canada Research Chair Program (CRCP) targets 
  • Developing data-driven policy 

For the SickKids RI's EDI strategy, including 2020 objectives and initiatives, download the full report.

Download the RI EDI strategy (PDF)

Dialogues in Diversity Digital Series

2021: Centering EDI in PaEDIatric Medical Research

Dialogues in Diversity is a free continuing medical education series, which assembles leading academics, clinician-scientists, EDI practitioners and social justice advocates to examine various aspects of current and emerging priorities in health-care, focused on paediatric health. The series explores how an EDI lens, and EDI best practice and principles can be integrated into research design and praxis to impact equitable health outcomes. In addition to cutting edge theory, the series provides practical ideas and actionable insights to integrate considerations of equity across the health-care ecosystem; towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive health-care system.

The 2021 Series: Centering EDI in PaEDIatric Health Research focused on various social determinants of health, highlight issues of disparity, and offered critical insight to develop frameworks to increase access, remove barriers and improve health outcomes.  

2020: Explorations of the EDI Implications of COVID-19

In 2020, the first Dialogues in Diversity: Explorations of the EDI Implications of COVID-19 webinar series featured conversations among leading academics, EDI practitioners, and social justice advocates on the realities of COVID-19 and the new challenges we face today and in the future. The series focused on five broad thematic areas in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, including mental health and wellness; women, gender and sexual diversity; health inequity, discrimination, xenophobia and allyship; work and accommodation; and human rights.

Contact EDI

Contact EDI

For questions or more information about our EDI Action Plan, get in touch with us today.

Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs

Canada Research Chairs showcase the calibre and diversity of scientists and clinicians working at the SickKids Research Institute.

Scientific and Academic Chairs

Scientific and Academic Chairs

SickKids is home to 48 scientific and academic chairs. See who holds current chairs in Canada.

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