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Patient and Family Rights & Responsibilities

The Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities defines the rights of patients and families when receiving care at SickKids, and their responsibilities towards staff and other patients and families. You'll find it posted throughout SickKids.

As a Patient or Family Member, I have the right to:


  • Receive safe, compassionate, and quality care that is patient and family-centred
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Receive support and care that is free from all forms of racism, oppression, discrimination, and harassment
  • Have my privacy respected


  • Be fully informed about my diagnosis and treatment plan in a language I understand
  • Ask questions, voice concerns and receive answers
  • Expect that the members of my health-care team will talk with one another about my care


  • Participate in decisions about my care
  • Know the name and role of each member of my health-care team

As a Patient or Family Member, I have the responsibility to:


  • Respect the rights, privacy, property and diversity of staff, learners, trainees, volunteers and other patients and their families
  • Treat others with respect and without racism, discrimination or harassment
  • Not verbally or physically abuse staff, learners, trainees, volunteers, and other patients and their families


  • Share information to help my health-care team develop the best plan of care
  • Let my health-care team know if I can’t attend an appointment


  • Work together with my health-care team to achieve the best possible health outcomes
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Have feedback? We're here to listen.

If you have a question, comment, concern or compliment, please let us know. We ask you to share these with you care team or unit manager; however, if this is not possible, please contact the Office of Patient and Family Experience and we will help support you in your journey at SickKids.

Call us at 416-813-6181.

Find us in-person through the Family Centre on the main hospital floor of the Black Wing. Go to Map & Directions for more.

Complete the Patient Feedback Form.

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