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Six children standing together, crossing their arms. They are wearing hospital gowns, some are wearing colourful Bravery Beads around their neck.

Donating to SickKids

Join us to heal the future.

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At SickKids, we try our best to help patients and families feel as welcome and comfortable as they would in their own home. Donations of new toys, electronics, crafts, books, and entertainment help us bring joy and comfort to children throughout their hospital stay or appointment.  

A hospital doesn’t have to “feel” like a hospital. The generous donations enhance the patient and family experience – they may be used in our playrooms, as rewards after completing a test or procedure, and/or as gift for a patient’s birthday or other special milestone.  

We accept financial donations, as well as donations of brand-new items like toys, books, electronics and gift cards. We also accept donations in recognition of our SickKids staff. 

With your support, you’re helping us creata safe, positive environment where we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the brave children and families that we serve. 

What can I donate?

SickKids accepts several forms of donations, from monetary support to toys to entertainment. Some items are always in demand at the Hospital – our patients and staffs’ current needs include: 

  • Gifts in Kind (Toys, Books, Electronics)
  • Entertainment
  • Food Donations to Patients and Staff
  • Monetary Donations to Help Fund the Fight

View each section below for more details and donation guidelines! 

Donation Policies & Guidelines

Gift-in-Kind Donations (Toys, Books, Electronics) 

All donations being dropped off or delivered to the hospital must be approved and coordinated by the Donations Coordinator in advance. Donations cannot be dropped off inside or outside the hospital unless a drop-off has been scheduled. Our guidelines have been developed in consideration of our infection control, safety and privacy policies. We are not able to accept items that fall outside of these guidelines. 

Items that are dropped off and do not meet our donation guidelines and acceptance criteria will be shared with our community partner agencies, such as Salvation Army and Toronto Firefighters. 

Please contact the Donations Coordinator at for more information.

support-sickkids-foundation-icon-small.png 5Fifty5 Shop online store

Customers can purchase gifts for their loved ones, while also buying beneficial toy items to support patients and families at SickKids from the 5Fifty5 Shop Patient Wish List. Proceeds from every single purchase at the 5Fifty5 Shop online store – owned and operated by the Women's Auxiliary Volunteers (WAV) – help fund programs that have a direct impact on the patients and families at SickKids.

Visit the 5Fifty5 Shop online store


Entertainment for children at SickKids is of paramount benefit for patients and their families. Often a magic show, craft workshop, musical event, or a visit from their favourite celebrity will be a highlight of the day or even the overall hospital experience.  

Please contact the Donations Coordinator at for more information on how we are modifying our entertainment opportunities to reach patients isolated in their rooms.

If you are an entertainer who would like to provide pro-bono services, also please contact the Donations Coordinator at for an Expression of Interest application. 

Food Donations to Patients and Staff 

We cannot accept any food products, dietary supplements, or beverages for the patients at SickKids. This includes unopened, still-in-package food items such as candy and baked goods.  

We do accept food for staff and volunteers. If you are interested in donating food to the staff and/or volunteers at SickKids, please first contact the Donations Coordinator at for our guidelines. 

Monetary Donations to Help Fund the Fight 

Patient Amenities Fund 
The Patient Amenities Fund is a source of assistance for families who have limited financial resources and whose child is being cared for by SickKids. For qualifying families, the fund assists with expenses not covered or only partially covered by public health insurance and community resources. These include travel, food, accommodation, medication, and medical equipment.

Toy and Game Fund 
The Toy and Game Fund enables our Child Life team to purchase toys that promote healing throughout the year. Toys, playroom supplies, art supplies, games, play equipment, materials for preparation and diversional activities to be used by Child Life staff in patient care programs are all examples of what can be purchased with your support.

Monetary gifts to the Patient Amenities Fund, Toy and Game Fund are accepted online 24/7, over the phone, through the mail or in person. Please visit the SickKids Foundation website for more information.

Help us do more.

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Donation FAQs

All donations being dropped off and delivered to the hospital must be approved and coordinated by the Donations Coordinator. Please connect with the Donations Coordinator to discuss this in advance of collecting or delivering donations to SickKids.

Unfortunately, SickKids cannot give tax receipts for in-kind donations. SickKids will provide a thank you letter of acknowledgment for your donation. Please contact the Donations Coordinator at 416-813-8787 if you have specific questions. 

Due to infection control policies, we can only accept brand new toys in their original packaging. Please consider donating these gently used items to local organizations such as Toronto Firefighters or Salvation Army. 

Due to patient confidentiality, safety, and infection control policies, our donors are not allowed to deliver the gifts directly to the patients. 

We are not able to distribute personal messages to patients. 

At SickKids, there are volunteer placements working with children, their families, helping staff with administrative duties, research, and on occasion, special projects. Learn more about volunteering at SickKids. 

We are not able to pick up donations. 


For questions regarding gift-in-kind donations and drop off, please contact the Donations Coordinator at 416-813-8787 or by email at

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