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National Injury Prevention Day: Injuries aren’t inevitable
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National Injury Prevention Day: Injuries aren’t inevitable


How can you prevent injuries while you are at home, at play, or on the move this summer? Learn more as SickKids recognizes National Injury Prevention Day.

At SickKids, we see over 900 children and youth annually come to our hospital with injuries – many of which are preventable. On National Injury Prevention Day, July 5, SickKids is helping raise awareness about the preventable injuries we treat in the hospital every day and providing tips for parents and caregivers to help reduce the chance of a trip to the hospital.  

In addition to treating preventable injuries, SickKids also tracks and reports the causes of injuries to better understand why injuries are occurring, and promote education and awareness around emerging trends.

Preventing common injuries can be as simple as making small changes around your home, or having a designated adult supervising children and youth while they are at play. AboutKidsHealth has a variety of resources and safety tips for some of the common causes of injury:

Take the opportunity this National Injury Prevention Day to talk to the children and youth in your life about how to stay safe while having fun this summer!

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