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Update on retro pay for SickKids staff
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Update on retro pay for SickKids staff


SickKids will include staff who have left the organization in retro lump sum payments.

SickKids’ belief in market-competitive compensation and recognizing the valued contributions of our staff has not wavered during these challenging few years. SickKids’ strong desire to competitively compensate its staff – coupled with the ending of Bill 124’s moderation period and the court ruling deeming Bill 124 unconstitutional, we made the decision to adjust staff salaries. The retro lump-sum payment follows a recent adjustment to salary rates for eligible staff and is part of SickKids’ ongoing efforts to enhance compensation and benefits for its active staff in a highly competitive health human resources market.  

SickKids considered many factors as we determined which staff would be eligible for retro pay. Our focus at the time was on managing extremely scarce resources, and as such, we misjudged the implications of our decisions on our most important asset – our people, both past and present.  

On reflection, we should have included staff who have left SickKids in our retro lump sum payments. We are going to fix this and will be calculating payments and communicating details over the coming weeks to staff who have left SickKids. 

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