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SickKids International Services

From the clinic to the corporate side of things, SickKids International (SKI) provides a full range of services for international clients looking to build sustainable, integrated programs in their country. Collaborating with our team of experts, we’ll work with you in every area of your project with the goal of designing and implementing better care delivery systems to improve health outcomes for children.  

For more information on what SKI can add to your project, fill out our quick form to start a conversation, or read more about our services below. 


Drawing from our own globally recognized best practices, our SickKids International experts provide the tools, roadmap and support required to help you address gaps and achieve future goals. We'll ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency of all proposed strategies through knowledge transfer and capacity building.

Our expert advisory group provides: 

  • Strategy: Identification and/or development of strategic plans, models and concepts geared to supporting client organization’s development and goals
    Planning and Execution: Long-term perspective that accounts for emerging trends in health-care delivery, education, and changing technology from a global perspective; and shifting demographics and needs locally
  • Leadership and People: Identify leadership development and education programs, customizable to current and future needs; integrated human resource planning, recruitment and retention
  • Quality and Performance: Benchmarking against top-tier standards, development of KPIs/balanced score card, with possibility to support international accreditation requirements; International accreditation preparation and support
  • Innovation: Facilitate new insights into thinking and processes to enhance the patient experience

Pre-Operations and Commissioning

Pre-operations and commissioning servicesWe aim to create a sustainable infrastructure that will optimize your facility, systems, technology and people to advance discovery in evidence-based patient care and business processes. We'll ensure the environment is ready and capable to support safe, efficient, sustainable operations and clinical care.

Our expert advisory group offers: 

  • Project planning: Validate feasibility studies; advise on and support master facility planning, functional and space programming; facilitate visioning and strategic planning
  • Design and Construction: Validate and review schematic and detailed designs and construction documents; advise on medical equipment and IMT planning for new facility
  • Commissioning: Support facility and clinical commissioning, operational readiness planning; clinical service planning; staff recruitment, onboarding and training of new staff; policy procedure development; workflow process-based simulations to evaluate operational readiness 

Operations Management

Operations managementHealth-care resources are finite, meaning programs and services must be well organized, efficient and effective. With expertise in all aspects of health-care operations, we support the creation of a culture of accountability, evidence-based decision making, continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Our expert advisory group offers:

  • Hospital operations and core team management of day-to-day operation
  • Process improvement and change management to enhance quality and delivery of services 
  • Advice on implementation of global best practices and critical success factors to promote health system integration  
  • Defining roles, responsibilities, dependencies and scope of service to support creation of a more integrated system of paediatric health care 
  • Bringing stakeholders together to work collaboratively, share knowledge and coordinate services focused on system development and resource management 

Clinical Care

Clinical careEffective clinical services require thoughtful planning, systematic implementation and rigorous evaluation. SickKids’ clinical programs are interprofessional and integrate research, education and clinical care to ensure innovation, quality and efficiency in the delivery of safe patient services.

Our expert advisory group offers:

  • Assessing and advising on current clinical services program structure, standard of care, protocols, model of care, etc.  
  • Defining areas of expertise that meet the needs of the local population and the requirement of resources 
  • Incorporating best practices to enhance clinical program management, and improvement of workflow processes 
  • Patient safety 
  • Clinical policies, procedures and protocols 
  • Clinical locums  
  • Second opinions via telemedicine and remote support 

Program Development

Program developmentWith expertise in all aspects of paediatric health-care operations and specialized clinical care, we can help partners build clinical programs and services within their local organization that support the needs of their patients and families, deliver high quality, safe patient care, and optimize the patient experience.

Our expert advisory group offers:

  • Advice on development and implementation of specialized programs based on global best practices, international standards using evidence-based frameworks, and change management 
  • Designing and implementing programs to address gaps in service delivery 
  • Development of programs and services related to clinical, education, research or hospital administration 

Education and Training

Education and trainingInvestment in training and development of highly skilled, knowledgeable health-care practitioners and leaders is essential to building and sustaining a world-class paediatric institution. 

With one of the most comprehensive offerings of paediatric clinical, educational and research programs in the world, we can assist with development and delivery of educational programs supporting high-quality, experiential learning.

Our expert advisory group offers:

  • Systematic review and analysis of learning and education needs 
  • Development of curriculum, and delivery of education and mentorship to hospital leadership and clinical care across various disciplines and subspecialties 
  • Delivery of onsite and virtual education programs tailored to the unique culture and learning styles of the partners environment 
  • University accreditation of customized curriculum, fellowship and education programs  
  • Train-the-trainer model enabling partners to own, deliver, and empower faculty  
  • Educational observerships at SickKids to build clinical and/or leadership skills 


ResearchResearch is vital to improving health outcomes in today’s rapidly evolving health-care environment. The SickKids Research Institute has been a global leader in paediatric health research for more than five decades, contributing to ground-breaking discoveries in our fundamental understanding of human biology, as well as in clinical, population and outcomes-focused research.

Our expert advisory group can assist with: 

  • Identifying research priorities based on a review of clinical and societal priorities 
  • Developing the capacity for research through training 
  • Establishing an infrastructure to support world-class research 


AssessmentWe’ll conduct a systematic and comprehensive on-site organizational assessment of current operations, focusing on priority areas that are critical to organizational success. Our assessments will identify organizational strengths, gaps affecting your organization's performance, and will highlight opportunities for improvement and change to achieve goals.

Our expert advisory group offers: 

  • Comprehensive and systematic analysis of the current state and provision of a comprehensive report, outlining our expert recommendations and action plan  
  • Leveraging SickKids subject matter experts to support implementation of proposed recommendations and action plans 

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