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SickKids International Projects

SickKids International’s (SKI) impact continues to cross borders, providing support, services, and unmatched expertise to hospitals, research centres, and corporations on their projects. SKI has been essential in collaborating on better health-care solutions throughout Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


Project Name: Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH) 

  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa 
  • Status: Ongoing (Apr 2016 - Present); Completed Commissioning (March 2019) 
  • Services Provided: Assessment; operational commissioning; program development; onsite education and training; policy and procedures; process-based simulations; observerships at SickKids and physician fellowships 


SickKids partnered with Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital to support the operational commissioning of the new hospital, and to help build capacity towards access to specialized paediatric health-care services in South Africa. The commissioning portion of the project was funded by Global Affairs Canada and was completed in March 2019.  

SickKids and Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital remain engaged in a five-year commitment (Jan. 2017 to Dec. 2022) that is funded by the Kadey Family Charity Trust to support training of South African health-care leaders, clinical fellows, and clinical staff to enhance paediatric skills and knowledge. Several NMCH leaders and clinical fellows have completed observerships and subspecialty paediatric fellowships respectively. 


Project Name: National Taiwan University Children's Hospital (NTUCH) 

  • Location: Taiwan, China 
  • Status: Completed (Nov 2015 - April 2019)  
  • Services Provided: Clinical Practice, Education, Program Development 


SickKids partnered with The National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital (NTUCH) to enhance the quality and standard of neonatal and paediatric care in Taipei and the surrounding region. SickKids provided advisory and education services to facilitate development of a sustainable neonatal and paediatric transport medicine program at NTUCH that will meet current and future needs of the hospital. This initiative was supported by the National Taiwan University Children’s Health Foundation.  

A concise neonatal and paediatric transport medicine training program was developed and tailored to the needs of NTUCH to build the capacity of identified core members for the development of the transport program, focusing on key components including program infrastructure and standards, transport systems and process. On-site curriculum, clinical observation, preceptorship and coaching have been integrated to provide the NTUCH team an immersive educational experience at SickKids.

Project Name: Shenzhen Children’s Hospital (SZCH) 

  • Location: Shenzhen, China 
  • Status: Ongoing (March 2016 - Present)  
  • Services Provided: Assessment, Clinical Practice, Program Development, Research, Education


SickKids partnered with Shenzhen Children’s Hospital (SZCH) to fulfill its vision of becoming a leading centre and go-to provider of high-quality paediatric cancer care in China. To achieve this, SZCH engaged SKI for support in building capacity to advance its Haematology/Oncology practice, focusing on Leukemia, Bone Marrow Transplant, Solid Tumor and Brain Tumor sections, and related diagnostic imaging, laboratory, and pharmacy programs. This collaboration was financially supported by “Shenzhen Sanming Medical Project” initiated by the Shenzhen Municipal Government.  

Based on the recommendations, the project has been focusing on protocol development, chemotherapy safety, program development, clinical practice, quality and safety, infection prevention and control. Training modules in Haem Onc subspecialties and other related disciplines have been developed and customized to elevate clinical practice, to foster a child and family-centered model of care, and to enhance interprofessional collaboration and childhood cancer research.

Project Name: Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) International Cardiovascular Hospital (TICH) 

  • Location: Tianjin, China 
  • Status: Ongoing (April 2016 - Present)  
  • Services Provided: Assessment, Clinical Practice, Education, Program Development, Research 


SickKids and TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital (TICH) established a five-year partnership to enhance TICH’s paediatric cardiovascular service model, build a paediatric intensive care unit, and establish a joint paediatric hospital in Binhai New Area. Supported by Tianjin Binhai New Area Government, this project focuses on the support and development of key areas, including education and training, professional practice, model of care, quality and patient safety, research, and clinical programs, with the ultimate goal to realize the TICH’s vision “Whole Heart, Whole New Life. Our Patients Deserve the Best.“  

Based on the recommendations of a comprehensive needs assessment in 2016, and the shared vision of paediatric house, paediatric-specific curricula and modules have been developed for TICH clinical staff and leaders to enhance knowledge and practice skills. TICH team has achieved remarkable progress in building nursing, physician and leadership skills and competencies; establishing a culture of quality and safety; enhancing program and practice standards; and improving patient and family satisfaction.

Project Name: Madanmohan Ruia Raptakos Children’s Hospital (MRRCH)  

  • Location: Thane, India 
  • Status:
    • Phase 1 (Pre-construction): 2016-2018;
    • Phase 2: (Clinical Commissioning): 2021-2023
  • Services Provided: Pre-operations and operational commissioning 


SickKids is engaged in a multi-phase project with Madanmohan Ruia Raptakos Children’s Hospital (MRRCH), a greenfield children’s hospital located in Thane, India. Between 2016 and 2018, SickKids provided consultation on facility design, information technology and medical equipment considerations to MRRCH leadership during the hospital’s planning and design phase.  

Since 2021, SickKids International has been providing advisory services to the MRRCH team to support the clinical operational commissioning and operational readiness planning of the new hospital.


Project Name: Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital (ASCH) 

  • Location: Athens, Greece  
  • Status: Ongoing (Oct 2013 – Present)  
  • Services Provided: Assessment, Clinical Practice, Education, Program Development 


SickKids partnered with Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital (ASCH) to explore opportunities for collaboration in clinical practice, education and research. SickKids conducted a Diagnostic Assessment which culminated in a report of recommendations across various areas of focus.  

Since then, both parties have participated in reciprocal site visits, with SickKids hosting ASCH nurses and physicians to help build skills and capacity specific to paediatric pain management and neuro-oncology practice. ASCH also hosted SickKids representatives to provide further education and training to Aghia Sophia’s staff in the area of oncology and chemotherapy safety.

Project Name: Istituto Giannina Gaslini 

  • Location: Genoa, Italy  
  • Status: Completed (Sept 2013-June 2019)  
  • Services Provided: Assessment, Clinical Practice, Education, Program Development 


SickKids and Istituto Giannina Gaslini (the “Institute”) entered into an agreement to explore areas for collaboration related to health program consultation, quality, training and education. A renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2018 enabled efforts to advance child and family-centred care (CFCC) practice across the institute through advisory services, education and training provided on site at SickKids, and remotely through a series of videoconference education sessions.

Project Name: The National Children’s Specialized Hospital (OKHMATDYT)  

  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine 
  • Status: Ongoing (2018 - Present)  
  • Services Provided: Assessment, Corporate, Education, Program Development 


At the request of the Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine, SickKids conducted an on-site assessment of care and service at The National Children’s Specialized Hospital (OKHMATDYT) in Kyiv. A follow-up report was prepared and submitted highlighting key areas of focus and recommendations that would help the Minister and the hospital leadership team achieve organizational goals and priorities.  

In response, the Minister requested a proposal for follow-up work from SickKids to support the recommendations in the onsite assessment through design, delivery, and evaluation of coaching and education sessions that would facilitate development of a strategic ‘roadmap’ towards building OHKMATDYT into a future model of health-care excellence in Ukraine.


Project/Client Name: Hamad Medical Corporation  

  • Location: Doha, Qatar 
  • Status: Completed (2007-2015)  
  • Services Provided: Assessment, Education, Clinical Care, Program Development, Research 


SickKids embarked on a multi-phase, five-year partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) to provide advice and support on implementation of international best practices, international standards, and evidence-based frameworks to develop child health research capacity; deliver interdisciplinary education; and enhance paediatric clinical programs across HMC.   

The first phase started with an assessment of existing child health services, and a subsequent report with recommendations was developed into statements of work. The remaining phases focused on implementing statements of work which ultimately resulted in the addition of nine new programs, enhancement of nine existing clinical programs, and overall improvement in quality of care for children and youth.

Project/Client Name: Primary Health Care Corporation 

  • Location: Doha, Qatar 
  • Status: Completed (2013-2015)  
  • Services Provided: Education, Program Development, Clinical Practice 


SickKids partnered with Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) to enhance the care of children within the primary health-care sector in Qatar. SickKids provided advisory services, as well as education and training.

This included assessment and definition of the role for PHCC in provision of primary care for children in Qatar; definition of experience and skills that PHCC staff require; development and customization of curriculum; and delivery of education to PHCC medical and nursing staff.

Project/Client Name: Sidra Medical and Research Center      

  • Location: Doha, Qatar 
  • Status: Ongoing (2011 - Present)  
  • Services Provided: Assessment, Education, Clinical Practice, Program Development, Pre-Operations


SickKids has provided advisory services, education and training to support Sidra Medical and Research Center with development of infrastructure, clinical programs, and research capacity. SickKids continues to support Sidra with on-demand education and IT consultancy.

Project/Client Name: United Eastern Medical Services 

  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE 
  • Status: Ongoing (Dec 2017-Dec 2021)  
  • Services Provided: Education, Clinical Practice, Assessment, Program Development 


SickKids has a partnership with United Eastern Medical Services to support the establishment of specialty practice in Neurology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, and Orthopaedics at Danat Al Emarat Hospital. Nursing staff were trained in paediatric and neonatal care. A comprehensive needs assessment with customized recommendations focused on paediatric nursing practice and care was conducted.

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