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Natalie Therrien-Miller

Title: Senior Manager, Department of Diagnostic Imaging
Designations: MRT(R), DHCM
Phone: 416-813-8895
Alternate Contact Name: Julie Prior
Alternate Phone: 416-813-8867
Alternate Email:


Natalie Therrien-Miller joined SickKids with 25 years of experience in Diagnostic Imaging.  As an X-ray and CT technologist, Natalie’s curiosity and problem-solving nature motivated her to take on special projects which led to a career in management.  As Director of Diagnostic Imaging and Patient Registration at the Hawkesbury General Hospital in Eastern Ontario, she also oversaw the hospital’s Smoking Cessation Program and Patient Transport Team. She rolled out many projects that brought improvements, growth and revenue to her respective departments, including the successful implementation of the Self-Registration Kiosks.  During her time as Director, she worked closely with the hospital’s Project Management Office on the hospital’s major redevelopment project.

Natalie’s next venture brought her to the world of private medicine where she took a position of Manager of the Medical Imaging Department of a large Toronto health and wellness centre.  Within the scope of her position, she was able to refine her knowledge and skills in the areas of Customer Service, Patient Relations, and Service Recovery.  Having accomplished all that she had set out to do in this position, she was drawn by her need to serve the bigger mission of patient care and helping the sick.

In 2019, Natalie joined SickKids and its honourable mission of improving the health of children.  Her new portfolio of MRI and Image-Guided Therapy adds to her already vast management experience in all modalities of Medical Imaging, and has given her the opportunity to broaden her knowledge and apply her skills and ideas in new and exciting ways.  Going forward, Natalie looks to ensure that each patient and their family’s experience is as pleasant as possible, and that each employee is supported in their desire to go the extra mile to ensure this happens.

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