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Headshot of Fatima Lima Simao

Fatima Lima Simao

Title: Manager, Department of Diagnostic Imaging
Phone: 416-813-4965


Fatima Lima-Simao graduated from Humber College in 1994. She gained her early experience as a PACS/RIS Administrator at Mount Sinai Hospital and UHN, and as a GE-PACS Application Specialist/User Trainer for GE. In 2000 she joined the Department of Diagnostic Imaging as a PACS Administrator, providing advanced training, systems monitoring, user management, trouble-shooting and technical administration. Lima-Simao works closely with the IS Team, thereby ensuring a consistent, global approach to DI/IS projects and systems. She is also part of the DI/IS Steering Committee.

In 2007, Lima-Simao served as interim PACS Manager and in January 2009 the position became permanent. During this time, she has worked on a number of milestone projects, such as the hospital PACS upgrade and implementation of the LANIER Voice Recognition system, for which she was Project Leader. Currently, Lima-Simao continues to be involved with several ongoing projects including the Diagnostic Imaging Repository for the HDIRS LHIN. Lima-Simao is a member of the OCINET Committee.

Lima-Simao is also in charge of Electronic Imaging Team, the clerical and booking coordinators for the XRAY, CT, Ultrasound, GI/GU XRAY, NM and MRI. Additionally, she oversees the Billing for Diagnostic Imaging.

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