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Daina Kalnins

Title: Director, Department of Clinical Dietetics
Designations: M.Sc., RD
Phone: 416-813-6613
Alternate Contact Name: Harjeet Kaur
Alternate Phone: 416-813-6522
Alternate Email:


Daina Kalnins works with the team of dietitians and lactation consultants who bring their dedication and expertise to support patients, prescribing the ideal intravenous or enteral feeding formulations, ensuring a supportive environment for breastfeeding and provision of breast milk, and guiding on appropriate nutritional plans for infants and children with acute and chronic conditions.

Daina is co-author of the SickKids series of nutrition books; "Better Baby Food", "Better Food for Kids", "Better Food for Pregnancy" and "Better Breastfeeding" and authored a book on nutrition for children (aged 8 to ~15 years) called "YUM, Your Ultimate Manual for good nutrition."

Her main research interests and clinical experiences are in Cystic Fibrosis; enzyme therapy, nutrition and lung transplant.

Education and experience

  • 2003: M.Sc. Nutrition, U Of T, Ontario
  • 1982: B.Sc. Food Science, McGill University, QUebec


  • 2012: Nominee, SickKids Present's Award
  • 2016: CF Dietitian Achievement Award, North American Dietitian Social Work Consortium Group


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