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Lutfi Haj-Assaad

Title: Executive Director, SickKids International
Designations: RN, BA, MBA
Phone: 416-813-7289


As the Executive Director, for SickKids International (SKI), Lutfi leads the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of projects based in the Middle East, India and Africa. Lutfi also supports SickKids’ hospital-wide strategy through the identification and pursuit of business development and strategic outreach opportunities in these regions.

Prior to his appointment to his current position in January 2010, as Child Health Services Director, Lutfi led the largest clinical programs portfolio at SickKids that included Emergency Department, Poison Center, General Paediatrics, Respiratory Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and Infection Control, among others.

Before joining the SickKids in 2001, Lutfi spent 12 years with Toronto East General Hospital, as Director of Emergency Services. In addition, Lutfi was employed for over a decade as a Senior Emergency Services Consultant with Canadian Healthcare Management Inc., where he conducted over 50 hospital-based operation reviews. His international work experience includes work in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa and India. 

Education and experience

  • 1989–2001: Director of Emergency Services, Toronto East General, Toronto, ON
  • 1992–2002: Senior Emergency Services Consultant, Canadian Healthcare Management Inc., Toronto, ON
  • 2001–2010: Child Health Services Director, SickKids, Toronto, ON
  • 2010–Present: Executive Director, SickKids International, SickKids, Toronto, ON 
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