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Elia Abi-Jaoude

Title: Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry
Designations: M.Sc., MD, PhD, FRCPC
Phone: 416-813-6600
Alternate Phone: 416-813-8064


Dr. Elia Abi-Jaoude's area of clinical specialization and academic interest is developmental neuropsychiatry, in particular Tourette syndrome and related disorders.  He also has an interest in critical evaluation of the evidence base, knowledge development and dissemination in psychiatry. 

Education and experience

  • 1996: B.Sc., Biology, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon 
  • 2000: M.Sc., Neuroscience, McGill University, Montreal, QC 
  • 2004: MD, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB 
  • 2004–2009: Resident in Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON 
  • 2020: PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON


  • 2015: Tourette Canada Medical Award


  • 2019–2020: Co-Investigator, Research Operating Grant from RIAT (Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials). TADSRIAT: Reanalysis of the most influential study of antidepressants in adolescents, Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials. Principal Investigator: Jureidini, Jon. Collaborators: Jon Jureidini, Sami Timimi, Melissa Raven, Catalin Tufanaru.
  • 2015–2020: Co-Principal Investigator, Research Operating Grant, Tourette Association of America. A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Crossover Pilot Trial of Medical Cannabis in Adults with Tourette Syndrome. Principal Investigator: Sandor, Paul. Collaborators: Lei Chen.


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  2. Massabki I., Abi-Jaoude E. SSRI ‘Discontinuation Syndrome’ – Justified Distinction from Withdrawal or Misleading Euphemism? The British Journal of Psychiatry, published online January 6, 2020
  3. Abi-Jaoude E., Segura B., Cho S.S., Crawley A. and Sandor P. The Neural Correlates of Self-Regulatory Fatigability During Inhibitory Control of Eye Blinking, The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 30, 325-333, 2018
  4. Abi-Jaoude E., Chen L., Cheung P., Bhikram T., Sandor P. Preliminary Evidence on Cannabis Effectiveness and Tolerability for Adults With Tourette Syndrome, The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 29, 391-400, 2017
  5. Le Noury J., Nardo, J., Healy D., Jureidini J., Raven M., Tufanaru C. and Abi-Jaoude E. A randomized, controlled trial of the efficacy and harms of paroxetine and imipramine in the treatment of adolescent major depression: Restoring Study 329, BMJ, 351, h4320, 2015
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