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Choosing the future of paediatrics wisely

January 19, 2021

Dr. Jeremy Friedman, Associate Paediatrician-in-Chief at SickKids, shares his perspective on why paediatrics has been slow to embrace the Choosing Wisely movement to reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

Canada must be ready to transition into new era of genomic medicine

November 10, 2021

SickKids clinicians and scientists call for a national, coordinated strategy on genomic medicine to support adoption of genome sequencing as a standard-of-care diagnostic test.

The difficult decision to feed a child through a g-tube

November 12, 2015

Dr. Katherine Nelson and SickKids parents Genevieve and Gavin reflect making the decision to use a g-tube.

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Grandma, Mother, Son: three generations of care at SickKids

December 14, 2016

To mark the publication of SickKids: A History of The Hospital for Sick Children, which chronicles the hospital’s extraordinary growth within the broader changes affecting Canadian society and medical practice over the last century, a Toronto family …

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Treating the body and mind together

January 27, 2016

Most of us know where to go when our children are physically unwell. Some of us know where to go and what to do when we have concerns about our children’s mental health. But what about when we are worried about the physical AND mental well-being …

Enhancing patient safety through culture change

February 10, 2016

Dr. Trey Coffey, Medical Officer for Patient Safety and Medical Lead for the Caring Safely initiative gives her perspective on the state of patient safety in Canada and what this means for us here at SickKids.

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Collecting better data for kids with cancer worldwide

April 8, 2016

Cancer registries collect information on how many and what kinds of cancer occur in a population. By doing so, they allow us to know where we are in terms of successful cancer control, and where we’re going.

Fostering excellence in education and clinical training in the field of social work

March 31, 2022

In recognition of Social Work Month, a current Master of Social Work (MSW) student in the advanced standing program at the University of Toronto and a SickKids social worker share their perspectives on why mentoring matters within the field of …

SickKids program reaches milestone with 1,000 kidney transplants and counting

March 11, 2021

The Kidney Transplant Program has reached a significant milestone with its 1,000th paediatric kidney transplant performed at SickKids. Medical Director Dr. Chia Wei Teoh and Surgical Director Dr. Armando Lorenzo share their reflections on the …

Living with a facial difference

November 21, 2017

SickKids patients shared their experiences living with facial differences through letters to the star of the new film 'Wonder'. Farah Sheikh, social worker in the Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniofacial Programs at SickKids, shares her perspective on …

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