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Nursing Clinical Extern Program

The Clinical Extern Program provides the opportunity for nursing students to work under the supervision of Registered Nurses in various clinical areas of the Hospital.

The Clinical Extern position is viewed as a transitional role, whereby students develop clinical expertise, specialty knowledge and self-confidence as they move from a student to a Registered Nurse role. Externships also allow students to become immersed in the socio-cultural setting at SickKids, building on their communication and interprofessional collaboration skills. As a result of this program Clinical Externs become excellent candidates for RN recruitment.

At SickKids, Clinical Externs are nursing students who are entering into their third or final year of studies. Externs are employed by SickKids as unregulated health care providers, and provide family-centred care to children and families. They assist Registered Nurses in order to enhance the functioning of the nursing team and contribute to patient care. Testimonials from SickKids staff who have successfully transitioned from student, to extern to registered nurse roles explain how this program and the support that they receive from Registered Nurses has contributed to their learning and professional development.

Currently, we are looking for Clinical Externs to join us in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units.

Clinical Externs Application Process FAQs

A: Check out the SickKids careers portal for job postings.

Only the application submitted on the Careers and Volunteering page within the deadline will be considered for the position. Applications submitted to will not be considered.

A: As long you complete the semester before either start date May or July and are entering into your final year in the fall.

A: Please address the cover letter to "Dear Hiring Manager".

A: Please have the referee complete the form and submit through email before the application deadline. Click here to download the form.

A: A current or most recent nursing clinical instructor or preceptor who can comment on your clinical skills.

A: It is preferred that the referee send the reference letter to with the applicant's FULL NAME in the subject line.

A: Previous paediatric experience is an asset not a requirement. A recent letter of recommendation from a clinical instructor who can comment on how your skills can be transferred to a paediatric setting can be submitted.

Clinical Externs provide direct care to patients and families under mentorship and supervision of Registered Nurses. Externs are employed by the clinical area and receive training on scope of practice as unregulated health care providers. They contribute to the patient plan of care, perform clinical skills within their scope, building on knowledge and expertise to prepare for the role of becoming a Registered Nurse.
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