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Alternate test name


Lab area
Clinical Biochemistry - TDM & Toxicology
Method and equipment
Expected turn-around time
Stat: 3 hours Routine: 72 hours
Specimen type


Plasma (Heparin or Citrate)

Specimen requirements

100 uL

Storage and transportation
  • Serum/plasma must be separated within 2 hours of collection
  • Store and ship frozen
Background and clinical significance
Ethosuximide is the principle succinimide derivative shown to be effective in the treatment of absence (petit mal) epilepsy. It is considered the treatment of choice for this condition, which occurs primarily in childhood. At therapeutic levels, the frequency of convulsions is apparently reduced by depression of the motor cortex and elevation of the threshold of the central nervous system stimuli. Due to individual pharmacokinetics and changes in patient metabolism, plasma ethosuximide levels may be unpredictable. At toxic levels, ethosuximide may produce side effects to the gastrointestinal, central nervous and hematopoetic systems.
Disease condition


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