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Sulfatides, Urine

Alternate test name

Lab area
Clinical Biochemistry - Metabolic Diseases
Method and equipment
Quantification of sulfatides of varying fatty acid chain length by LC-MS/MS.
Expected turn-around time
30 days
Specimen type

Random Urine

Specimen requirements

5 mL of urine in sterile screw top container.

Storage and transportation

Store at -20°C and transport frozen on dry ice.

Shipping information
The Hospital for Sick Children
Rapid Response Laboratory
555 University Avenue, Room 3642
Toronto, ON
M5G 1X8
Phone: 416-813-7200
Toll Free: 1-855-381-3212
Hours: 7 days/week, 24 hours/day
Background and clinical significance

Sulfatides (3-O-Sulfogalactosyl ceramides) accumulate in three neurodegenerative inborn errors of metabolism (metachromatic leukodystrophy [MLD], saposin B deficiency, and multiple sulfatase deficiency [MSD]). 

Disease condition
  • Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)
  • Arylsulfatase A deficiency
  • Multiple sulfatase deficiency (MSD)
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