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Clinical Genetics Clinic

525 University Avenue, Suite 940, 9th floor

About the Clinic

Children are referred to the Clinical Genetics Clinic for any or all of the following: your health-care professional may be considering the possibility that there is a genetic cause for you/your child’s condition; you/your child has a known genetic condition and you have been referred to our clinic in order to receive more information; or you have a family history of a known genetic condition and require more information. 

Pre-appointment Instructions

What to bring: 

  • Your Family History Questionnaire if you have not already submitted it. 


The first thing to do is register in the clinic, which is located next door to SickKids at 525 University Avenue, Suite 940 on the 9th floor. 

What to Expect During Your Visit

Your clinic appointment may last up to 1one and a half hours. You will be seen by a geneticist (a medical doctor who specializes in genetics) and/or a genetic counsellor (health-care professional with specialized training in genetics and counselling). As SickKids is a teaching hospital, you may also be seen in clinic by genetic counselling students, medical students or doctors who are at SickKids for specialty training. 

To prepare for your visit, we will review family and medical information that you have provided us with and construct a pedigree (drawing of your family history information). A physician exam will be performed depending on the reason for the clinic visit. We will discuss the possible causes of your child’s condition and the options available with you. If a definite diagnosis is made, we will link you with appropriate referrals and resources. 

The Clinical Genetics Clinic is part of the Division of Clinical and Metabolic Genetics.

Coming to a clinic appointment

It's important to come prepared and be on time for a clinic appointment. Visit Coming for Clinic Appointments to read appointment guidelines that are applicable for most clinical appointments at SickKids.

You’ll find information on how to prepare and what to bring, what to do if you/your child are sick before your appointment or you need to cancel,  and important things to know about the SickKids philosophy.

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