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DAISY Form: Health Equity Award

Nominate a Nurse or Nurse-Led Team

We are pleased to be able to present a new DAISY Award that recognizes a nurse or nurse-led team who advances health equity and safety for patients, families, and communities.  

Nurses in any practice setting or role (i.e. clinical care, education, research, policy, leadership) who contribute to the provision of equitable, compassionate, quality healthcare are eligible for consideration.

The DAISY Health Equity Award recognizes nurses who:  

  • Role model compassion and belonging when caring for patients, families, and/or communities
  • Assess and address social determinants of health in their area of practice
  • Advocate for patients and families who encounter barriers that perpetuate poor health outcomes and/or disparities  
  • Express an ongoing commitment to learning about unconscious biases and the impact of microaggressions on individuals/communities 
  • Demonstrate effective communication and empathy 

Please describe this nurse or nurse team in detail including why you are nominating them and how they make a difference.

If this nurse is chosen as a recipient, your submission may be published on the SickKids website. Do you consent to your submission being shared? (required)

Please tell us about yourself, so that we may include you in the celebration of this award if the nurse you nominated is chosen.

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